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The Value Pack contains two side panels and one rear panel. 

The rear STUDENT DRIVER sign measures 4 1/2 inches by 11 inches and is to be placed on the trunk of the car.  The rear panel is particularly useful when the new driver takes a little longer at the stop sign before entering the intersection.. If other drivers know that the person behind the wheel is learning to drive they will be more patient if the student drive hesitates.  The rear panel also prevents other drives from tailgating. Many fender-benders have been avoided with the use of the rear STUDENT DRIVER sign.

The rear panel should be used together with the door panels for optimum "STUDENT DRIVER" visibility.  The Value Pack contains two door panels and one rear panel.

The red STUDENT DRIVER lettering on the white background allow the sign to be read and immediately understood from a long distance away.  When a car is traveling on the highway they may have only a fraction of a second to see the sign and understand what it means.  Any  phrase other than STUDENT DRIVER would require more time to fully comprehend the meaning.  The phrase STUDENT DRIVER is immediately recognized and understood to mean that the person behind the wheel is learning to drive.

Please don't take chances with your safety.  Order the STUDENT DRIVER sign Value Pack today and it will be sent out immediately via USPS Priority mail.