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Magnetic Student Driver Signs

Now you can have the advantage enjoyed by professional driving schools. The magnetic “Student Driver” signs notify other drivers that the driver behind the wheel is just learning to drive.

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Magnetic “Student Driver” signs are guaranteed to reduce stress and increase safety while learning to drive.


Why do professional driving schools put



signs on their cars?


Because They Work!

The simple phrase STUDENT DRIVER  immediately and universally alerts other drivers that the person behind the wheel is learning to drive.

 Most parents are the primary driving instructors for their children.

We believe that parents  instructing their children to drive should have the exact same advantage enjoyed by professional driving schools. Demand the best for your children's safety.

Our  magnetic STUDENT DRIVER signs have a white background and large red lettering.  The signs are immediately identified and understood from a  long distance. 

 All orders shipped immediately via USPS Priority mail. 

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100% money back guarantee !
We guarantee that these signs will dramatically reduce the stress and anxiety of learning to drive and you will notice that other drivers are more courteous and patient or your money back. All signs shipped Priority mail.

When my teenager first received her learner’s permit it was upsetting when other drivers became annoyed and beeped their horns if she hesitated at intersections or drove slowly. Now with “STUDENT DRIVER” signs on the car other drivers recognize that there is a student driver operating the vehicle. Now other drivers are much more cautious and patient.

A Few Testimonials:
"The “STUDENT DRIVER” signs have calmed the agitation in the other drivers. My daughter can now relax and concentrate. She can learn how to drive safely without being worried and troubled about impatient drivers. " J.K. Colorado
"My son panicked and slammed on the brakes our first day out. We just missed being rear-ended in MY BRAND NEW CAR!  A co-worker told me about these "STUDENT DRIVER" signs. Now that I have the signs on my car I notice that other drivers keep their distance. These signs made a tremendous difference. Thank you. " R.S. NY

"I am more relaxed in the passengers seat. I can concentrate on teaching my daughter how to drive." A.Y. Vermont

You'll be amazed at the difference these signs make in the attitude of the driver, teacher and other drivers.

Magnetic signs are Easy On and Easy Off the metal surfaces of any car.

Answer to FAQ: Yes These are real magnets. They are NOT vinyl signs


These signs are guaranteed 100%. If you are not completely happy with the magnetic “STUDENT DRIVER” signs we will refund 100% of the purchase price.

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